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How TALG Can Improve Your eCommerce

Published on 08/18/2021 By TALG

If you’re looking to improve your business’s efficiency and outsource packaging and delivery, you may want to consider using a third-party logistics and warehousing service. Companies that are emerging and growing often find that keeping up with sales takes all of their time. Having to process, package and send out orders takes time out of […]

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How To Conduct Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Published on 06/18/2021 By TALG

Customer service satisfaction surveys give you insights that help you improve and grow your business. Here’s how to conduct customer satisfaction surveys. Ask the Right Questions You need to ask the right questions to get answers that will help you improve your business. Questions you can include in your customer satisfaction surveys can include: How […]

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How To Handle Changes In E-Commerce Due To COVID-19

Published on 05/14/2021 By TALG

COVID-19 has changed the way many businesses operate, including e-commerce. Here’s how to handle some of the changes in e-commerce due to COVID-19. Be Prepared for Growth COVID-19 has opened more doors of opportunity for online shopping, which means customers will be shopping in stores less often. With more customers shopping online, you need to […]

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6 Tips to Improve Inventory Accuracy

Published on 04/23/2021 By TALG

The cost of poor inventory on your business can be enormous. A recent survey reveals inaccurate inventory planning decisions cost U.S. retailers a whopping $300 billion in revenue due to markdowns in 2018. Optimized inventory management ensures smooth operations right from when you receive goods from supplies to delivery of orders to customers. To guide […]

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